10 Nights in beautiful Sri Lanka        Sat Jan 8th - Tues Jan 18th 2022
                                                                                             Tues Jan 18th - Fri Jan 28th 2022

Following on from the success of my recent UK retreats, I plan to escape the British winter     

               and kick off 2022 by hosting a gorgeous Midlife Women's Retreat here on the

                              southern tip of the beautiful 'Tear Drop' island of Sri Lanka             


get ready to kick start the new year!

let us transport you to a magical place 

indulge your senses

learn something new about yourself and the world around you

                                                                                                                                                                                            "Why don't you join me? " 

New Year in particular suggests bringing something New into our lives.  But What?

Midlife can be a time of crossroads and we can feel directionless. The heart wants something new and exciting to happen, but the head is cautioning not to rock the boat or make any dramatic changes. We then feel stuck and in a rut



Time for a change - Let's make this New Year different


Imagine waving a magic wand that whisks you away from our cold winter and opens a door, not only into this stunning villa, but into the next exciting stage in your life.   

Step out of your old routine and into this new creative environment. 

Discover your best self with the help of journaling, tarot, yoga, soul food and fun and meaningful conversation,

all in a beautiful environment shared with other like minded Midlife ladies.​

That's what this retreat will offer you - a way to harness the special powers within to achieve the life you wish for.

Soul Sisters Community retreats will allow you to take time out, join an intimate group of like-minded women and find some real change in your life.

Can you imagine spending ten glorious days - or longer if you wish - exploring long with the local culture, cuisine, 

learning to cook coconut curry, practising yoga, visiting temples or simply lazing by the pool and sharing stories with the other house guests over a freshly made cocktail. You will be spoilt for choice.

If you are the sort of 40+ woman who feels that meeting new people is as much a part of the adventure as travelling, and sometimes envy the younger generation their exciting hostel adventures, then this retreat is the ideal luxury mature solution you've been looking for!

This beautiful property you will share with other midlife women sits in gorgeous surroundings with a dreamy pool built out into the jungle, next to a cute little fishing beach. And, as your host and fellow housemate, with the support of the in-house local team, we'll make your stay as engaged and active, or calm and pampered as you choose.

Get ready to kick off 2022 and escape your normal routine - and the winter - and hang out in a cool home with other like-minded female mid-lifers.

Join a small group of women for 11 special life-changing days.

All whilst staying in a gorgeous home set between the jungle and the beach on the southern tip of the exotic island of Sri Lanka - a peaceful and welcoming escape.

Get ready to kick off 2022 and escape your normal routine - and the winter - and hang out in a cool home with other like-minded women.

This unique and wonderful combination of a luxury retreat and learning new life-changing skills in a stunning location is unbeatable.

Imagine waking up each day to an easy morning yoga stretch practice, freshly prepared breakfast, chatting to fellow housemates, and planning to be as adventurous or lazy as the mood takes you.

On alternate mornings we will share a two-hour session learning how to access our subconscious and rediscover dreams that a busy life buried long ago.

We'll explore journaling and how it helps us to understand our emotions - where you are now, and where you want to be in life.

We will also see what the universe has in store. Tarot cards are a great visual way of stimulating ideas and throwing up opportunities - they are not a crystal ball, and your future is not set in stone, but this first-stage, fun approach to the cards, throws up interesting questions and conversations and is sure to spark some new ideas in you. Whether a small tweak or a total reinvention - your intuition will be fired up and you will be inspired to make changes.

So, if you have a burning question about life, bring it with you, and we'll work together to make something wonderful happen.

You may even want to test your skills as a digital nomad? Start painting? Or finally, get around to starting - or finishing, in my case - that elusive novel! Perhaps you'll just opt for a tuk-tuk to a cool beach or a full-on culture experience in the sophisticated fort town of Galle. The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide there will be great company and cocktails awaiting you when you return 'home' at the end of the day.

You will get the opportunity to experience another culture and lifestyle from the relaxed luxury of this wonderful temporary home. You can choose to immerse yourself in local culture, language, Buddhist temples as much as you choose - the local team who manages the house will help us arrange whichever activities take your fancy.

Or, you can simply hang out by the pool with like-minded women who wish to share their stories and expand their horizons.

The huge colonial house offers 5 large luxury individual or shared bedroom suites, all with stunning private en suites and outdoor rain showers, a dressing room, and a private terrace. Each suite has just two king-sized beds and is incredibly spacious, so if you prefer the shared budget option with one other person you are guaranteed to be very comfortable.

The in-house chef will share his cooking skills with you and even take you to the local market with him to barter for fish and introduce you to exotic fruits.

The opportunity to explore the local culture, learn to cook coconut curry, visit Buddha temples, or simply lazing by the pool sharing stories with the other house guests over a freshly made cocktail. You choose!

Extra yoga and a variety of massage and similar treatments can easily be arranged on-site in the dedicated treatment room.

If you are the sort of woman who feels that meeting new people is as much a part of the adventure as traveling, then this retreat is the ideal luxury solution you've been looking for!

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3 Bedrooms with Kingsize Bed:

  • Private King Size Bed:  One Person @ £395 

1 Bedroom with Twin Beds:

  • Shared by two persons:   One Person @ £295

Get ready to enjoy: Women's UK Retreats with Tarot  * Journal for new life retreat  * Learning tarot on women's retreat * Reflexology * Chi Gong Hatha Yoga * Massage