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There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.


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Rachel Hope
Author & Nomad 
How to Thrive
in Midlife

Soul Sisters affordable spiritual retreats for midlife women

Soul Sisters' mission is to offer affordable UK retreats to midlife women who need a little help navigating this rewarding, but sometimes difficult life stage.  Midlife can be the richest time in a woman's life, yet common situations like the ending of a relationship, menopause, lacking purpose and identity after a career-end or empty nest syndrome, can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward.

And that's why we designed our midlife women's retreats in the UK especially for you, because we know just what you're going through. In order for someone to blossom and grow, they need to be nurtured, and that's what we do best :)

So rest assured ladies - life is about to get a whole lot more fabulous! 

Rachel Hope interview Middling Along Podcast with Emma Thomas. Life after divorce. New life journey and Soul Sisters Womens Retreats

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Hello. I'm Rachel Hope and I created Soul Sisters Retreats especially for you, the midlife woman, because I found midlife to be one of the toughest life stages to navigate.
No wonder many women of 40 - 60 years call it a midlife crisis, as they find it a confusing time and struggle to look for new purpose and understand their new selves - Menopause, slowing down of career, empty next syndrome, divorce and ageing, all add to the strange and rather lonely place we find ourselves in.
The good news is that Midlife is also one of the most satisfying and rewarding life stages, once we learn how to value ourselves differently.

Our intimate retreats for women offer something a bit different to the yoga and a spa weekend.

Soul Sisters female getaways are spiritual retreats that create a safe place to explore your emotions and move forwards positively and with renewed purpose.

Beautiful meditation spot for personal development during Soul Sisters Midlife Womens 3 Day UK retreats with Rachel Hope
  • Are you struggling to find your purpose?

  • Do you lack passion and inspiration?

  • Have no clear sense of direction?

  • Find yourself wondering what life's about at times?

  • Feel that Midlife should offer more than this?

Signpost image for souls sisters womens retreats signaling the way to self awareness, personal development and a brighter future

Midlife can be a confusing time for women. 
That's why it's often referred to as 'The Change'.  
And that's a good thing, because life should be about change.
But it's not always that easy when you're stuck at a crossroads
with no clear signpost pointing you in the right direction.

Do you get fed up reading about other magnificent midlife women who have made some radical and remarkable changes in their lives, whilst you're left feeling that life's passing you by?

You know you'd love to do something different. To make some changes. But what? 
A new hobby or career? A move abroad? Or even a new single life?
But after living for years on auto pilot, managing your family and job, you've lost all sense of self. Your intuition needs firing up again.

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magazine cover successful women who have changed their life.

Soul Sisters Community retreats are here to help you spot those signs.
There are so many opportunities out there in the universe waiting to inspire and guide you.
So join us now and grab the next great stage of your life with both hands. 

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Treat yourself to some time out with other wonderful like minded women
who want to reclaim their intuition. Start changing your
life now!


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