"I think of the tarot cards as a wonderful crazy family that share the same life events, emotions and ups and downs as we do.

The images and stories in the cards act like a mirror and help us to recognise situations that we all find ourselves in  at some stage in life.

Whatever the card, there's always a valuable lesson to be learned.
They give us something to think about and an idea on how to move forward".    Rachel


"I can't believe how accurate my reading was! I was impressed how easily Rachel communicated. I highly recommend. 10 out of 10."

Heather Stanton, Northants

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Reading by Email - 6 Card Spread - £15

Prior to lockdown I have always read in person with my clients. Whilst it makes the reading more personal,  it is not necessary. 
If I have an understanding of your issue and know your question,
I am easily able to deal the cards and read for you in your absence.
A six card spread usually provides enough insight into a situation and is an affordable way to gain a snapshot of what's going on.

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Reading on Zoom or In Person - £35

Are you feeling really stuck and struggling to get in touch with your intuition? You feel you have too many options or seemingly none at all?
Then a full face-to-face reading is recommended. Once we have clarified your situation, we will continue working with the cards until you feel you have at least one positive avenue to explore moving forward.

Member: Tarot Association
of the British Isles


How To Book your Tarot Reading:
1.   Simply fill out the form opposite 
2.  Choose Email or Face-to-Face Reading
3.  Click the relevant PAY button 

4.  I will contact you to:
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I am a certified Tarot card reader and a member of the Tarot Association for the British Isles

Code of Ethics:

  • I will always respect my clients’ confidentiality. No-one but you and I will see your private reading, unless you choose to share it

  • I will always try to provide clear insight and useful information  * I will always attempt to share practical ways for growth 

  • I will always show my clients respect  *I will do my best, whenever possible, to relate my insights to real life

  • I will always be as specific as possible, where appropriate * I will try to show my clients that they always have a choice 

  • I will always ensure that my readings are useful and truthful . * I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18

  • I will not do third party readings.

Disclaimer: All readings are provided for entertainment purposes only. Never make a decision or take a course of action based on advice from the tarot.