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Modern society uses Tarot to invite mindful explorations, NOT fateful predictions, by showing you what is potentially possible, or achievable, under your personal circumstances.

Tarot raises our self awareness, helps us to see we have choices and empowers us to take them.

Learn to read for yourself or others. 

One Day Tarot Workshops

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"Since launching Soul Sisters Community women's residential retreats using Qi Gong, Meditation, a variety of Coaching models, guided discussions and Journaling Therapy, it never ceases to amaze me that when the tarot cards come out on the final day, the biggest breakthroughs are made. 

The effect the cards have is so consistently powerful - with one client saying:
"I learned more about myself in that one hour than in one year of talk therapy alone."

"I knew then that this intuitive tool of tarot  needed to be easily accessible for those wishing to make significant positive changes to their lives and for coaches to incorporate into their practice.

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