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Journaling & Tarot Retreat
for Midlife Women

Write your New Life Journey
Midlife Womens 3 Days/Nights Retreats 
Sheringham, Norfolk, UK
 Thurs 28 Sept - Sun 1st October

Past  Retreat    Norfolk, UK 2022

Feeling stuck at a crossroads in life? Struggling to find your purpose? Lacking passion and inspiration? No clear sense of direction?

Imagine if someone could wave a magic wand allowing you to step into your best life. Well, someone can, and that person is you - because you have the power within you to change your life.

This midlife women's New Life Journey retreat is unique because it allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and draw on your intuition using journaling & tarot therapy 

It highlights all the wonderful opportunities waiting in the universe, and gives you the confidence to grab them.

Surprise yourself by discovering things about yourself and your current life that you were previously unaware of, and learn how to guide yourself on a new and exciting journey.

 "I wanted time to myself as well as an opportunity to talk and share with others. I honed my journaling skills for use in conjunction with my writing. A fulfilling experience, well organised and I met some lovely people. Rachel was very open and encouraging to everyone. Thoroughly recommend if your at a point in your life where your looking for a new way forward.  Loved it.Thank you. Melanie R.

jackie reflex.jpg

We will start the day by setting your intentions with Qi Gong meditation mindful movement.

Then we'll explore journaling and how it helps us to understand your emotions - where you are, and where you want to be in life.

We will also see what the universe has in store. Tarot therapy is a great visual way of stimulating ideas and throwing up opportunities - they are not a crystal ball, and your future is not set in stone, but this first-stage, fun approach to the cards, bring up interesting questions and conversations and is sure to spark some new ideas in you.  Whether a small tweak or a total reinvention - your intuition will be fired up and you will be inspired to make changes in your life.

Lovely Private Bedrooms; 

Delicious Vegetarian Meals + Cake;

Complimentary 30 min 1-1  Tarot Reading;

Complimentary 30 min Reflexology treatment

This delightful house is located in the heart of the wonderful old seaside town of Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast just a 3-minute walk from the beach with colourful beach huts. 

The house combines beautiful original features with cool contemporary interiors. It has a lovely open kitchen diner where we'll enjoy all delicious home cooked vegetarian meals and a cosy yet elegant sitting room for us to relax together chatting or reading by the fire with tea and cake or a glass of wine. 

Each group may start as strangers but they definitely leave as friends, feeling lighter and more positive and most importantly with a new outlook and a plan for moving forward!


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