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Step out of your life and into a retreat... Now!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Where does 'take a few day outs to look after myself' appear on your to do list?

Nowhere I bet! You probably spend more time planning your shopping list than you do thinking about your personal needs.

We used to think of a retreat as a luxury few days in a spa (yes), or a physical boot camp (no), but the variety these days caters for all our needs, with Spiritual Retreats being at the top of a woman's list.

Why do you need to go on retreat though?

Science tells us that going on a spiritual retreat actually stimulates positive neurons in the brain. And who doesn't want to feel more positive? Joining a retreat lets you experience an improved sense of self-worth, compassion, and most importantly self-understanding. At midlife especially, we can lose our sense of purpose which can make us question our value.

When we step away from regular daily routine and out of our comfort zone everything feels different in the beginning. We notice things that we couldn’t see before. We experience different feelings, thoughts, emotions, and even our movement and diet. Not to mention the mobile phone detox.

Want to meet like minded souls?

The best thing that all the retreats I have personally experienced have had in common - not matter what the focus - creative writing, tarot or yoga - is the meeting of kindred spirits. You find yourself sharing space with incredible like minded individuals who all bring something different to the party, yet share the same aim. You find your temporary tribe and very often a real soul mate that you go forward and build a solid relationship with. I believe that the universe brings this group of people together for a reason - to support and encourage each other. This is a celebration of community, and I love nothing more.

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