Midlife Women's Holiday Retreats 2023

I am currently reviewing a variety of retreats for midlife women in 2023 including memoir writing in Marrakesh.

"2022 was the first year I offered women's retreats abroad and they proved a great success"

My aim is to provide midlife women with the perfect combination of a fun holiday and a revitalising, soul searching retreat.

We all need to get away sometimes but many of us are hesitant to venture abroad alone, but escaping solo feels very exhilarating and rewarding. You will be welcomed with open arms by myself and love joining up with a group of like-minded women all ready to make new friends.

soulsisters womens retreats abroad

Sri Lanka Women's Retreat January  2022

Our small group stayed in this stunning property sharing our jungle garden with monkeys, peacocks and parrots. We ventured out on wildlife safaris, Buddhist monk blessings, a beach party, shared delicious meals prepared by the in house chef and even visited a cinnamon plantation.

Every evening consisted of cocktails and inspiring conversations. I think its fair to say we all left feeling refreshed and ready to make positive changes in 2022.

Midlife Womens Retreat Corfu, Greece Oct 2022

I was delighted that our small group included 3 ladies who decided to invest their time with me again after being on my UK retreats, and were keen to continue the positive work on themselves plus have some holiday fun at the same time.

Also 3 ladies who travelled especially from the USA and celebrated a milestone birthday.

We started each day with Qi Gong mindful movement practice under the shade of the olive trees, then worked on positive mindset, journaling and tarot therapy in between dips into the stunning infinity pool and walks through the olive groves down to the beautiful bay.

A trip to Corfu old town for shopping and museum and some delicious meals out in local tavernas added that perfect Greek holiday vibe.

"I had never been away alone before I joined Rachel's retreat, now I'm planning to revisit Corfu and spend time working as a digital nomad..."  Ginny G.

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