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Spice up your life....

... and Turn up the Heat with cinnamon! Because today's discovery is - Ta Da Da.... TOP HOUSE !!

"Come and take tea with us in paradise"

I am adding this beautiful, working cinnamon estate of 25 acres, only a few miles from the #SoulSistersRetreat House on the southern tip of Sri Lanka to our agenda for your 10 days stay. Another hidden gem for us to visit ladies whilst on your solo womens travel retreat in January 2022. What a way to celebrate your new life in the new year.

The lovely resident British owners have restored this breathtaking plantation and estate house where they produce true Ceylon cinnamon on the steep slopes of a high hill.

We will get our own private tour and after we'll ride up to the plantation house for tea and refreshments with them in this spectacular hilltop setting.

The plantation house is perched on the hilltop with spectacular views over the jungle to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. The owners have also built an artisan distillery where they extract pure cinnamon leaf oil according to age-old techniques fine-tuned with modern technology.

If you're feeling exotic - join our #solofemaletraveler group @ratnakaravilla house Sri Lanka

Book your spot in our beautiful bedroom suites at this stunning 'Real Marigold Hotel' style retreat and sip a cocktail by the pool in no time. Jan 8th - 18th 2022 10 days holiday for midlife women in Southern Sri Lanka. Visit Buddhist temples, watch Blue Whales, try paddle boarding and surfing. Spend time with Rachel from Soul Sisters journaling and tarot reading to discover your best life.

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