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Why are writers particularly drawn to Tarot?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

And here I was thinking I was rather unique in experiencing such a strong connection between my writing and reading the Tarot.

I regularly look to my strange 'other family' for insights, to guide me. And, it seems, I am not alone. I've only recently discovered that writing and tarot is a common thing - like bread and butter. Not so unique after all then.

It happens a lot right? It's a Eureka moment. When your thing is a real thing. So when I discovered this brilliant article I was elated. For me, writing came first, in the form of memoir. Only then when I started reading the tarot did I recognise the archetypes and the emotions and situations surrounding them are universal.

Cecily Sailer, founder of Typewriter Tarot says "it shares the writer’s desire to interrogate, while providing a different language and angle for doing so. Writers embrace Tarot as a tool for navigating that subconscious space, and when they feel stuck can turn it Tarot for insights or alternatives allowing new language to flow."

"Writers must journey into the murky realms of the subconscious and return with material the conscious mind can digest. Tarot can enter this process as a collaborator, because it shares a fundamental aspiration with writing - to articulate the complexity of human experience."

Meg Hayertz, founder of Creative Momentum,

says that she thinks writers and artists can often access the cards more easily because they use imagery as a means of creation. "Writer's draw on details of the world around us, training their intuition with the craft of writing".

Would you like to learn more about your life by reading tarot cards for yourself?

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