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Are you fed up hearing about other magnificent midlife women who have made big changes in their lives - something radical and remarkable - whilst you're left feeling that life's passing you by?

You'd love to do something different.
To make some changes - a new hobby or career? A move abroad? Or even a new single life?
But after living for years on auto pilot,
managing your family and your job,
you've lost all sense of self.

Do you find yourself wondering what life's about at times?
Are you struggling to find your purpose? Lacking passion and inspiration?  
No clear sense of direction?

Midlife can be a confusing time for women. 
That's why it's often referred to as 'The Change'  
And that can be a good thing, because life should be about change.
But it's sometimes not that easy.  You're stuck at a crossroads
with no clear 
signpost pointing you in the right direction.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Soul Sisters Community retreats are here to help you spot those signs.
 There are so many opportunities out there in the universe waiting to inspire and guide you.
So join us now and grab the next great stage of your life with both hands.
Treat yourself to some time out with other wonderful like minded women who want to reclaim their intuition.
Start changing your life now!