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Retreat style Relaxation
in beautiful Sri Lanka   

Dates: Jan 8th - Fri Feb 4th 2022

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Why not kick off 2022  with a new life journey?

Past  Retreat       Sri Lanka 2022

  Are you ready to make your best New Year's resolution ever ? 
To kick off  2022  with an open mind and renewed purpose ?
To join other midlife women looking for a new adventure ?

 "Hello, I'm Rachel Hope, and I love travelling, as much as I love the people I meet on my journeys, particularly other
midlife ladies who are also looking for adventure and new cultural experiences.

However, it's not always as much fun travelling solo, so I had the idea of renting a beautiful villa, between the beach and the jungle, in idyllic Sri Lanka and offering it as a 'Real Marigold  Retreat Experience.'
If you love the idea of venturing to exotic places but may not enjoy going solo, then this luxury mature women's
house share is the ideal solution you've been looking for. " 

Come and Stay.   Try new Things.   Share Stories, Laughter, Cocktails and Adventure.

Rachel Hope Soul Sisters Retreat Sri Lanka
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Were you one of the millions of viewers who loved being transported from the cold UK winter to the beautiful temporary shared home of TV personalities in the exotic, sunny and colourful world of India?

Were you filled with envy as you watched them embrace a new life full of fabulous experiences in such a different and vibrant culture?

Well, now it's your turn!  Your life-changing inspirational Real Marigold style Experience is just waiting for you to claim your place in this beautiful villa nestled between the jungle and the beach on the southern most tip of the lush Tear Drop Island of Sri Lanka.

* Exclusively for MidLife (40+) Women * Ideal for Solo Female Travellers *

Imagine spending ten glorious days - or longer if you wish - with other like minded women who have embraced the opportunity to experience another culture and lifestyle, all from the relaxed luxury of this wonderful shared home.

Expect a far richer experience than your usual holiday! Firstly, you will meet a new 'tribe' of individual, mature, adventurous and interesting women to engage with, and secondly, the wonderful in-house Sri Lankan team will be on hand to look after you and share their local knowledge to immerse you in cultural experiences.


Spend time with the local Buddhist monks at one of the many nearby temples * Learn to cook delicious coconut curry feasts * Try Paddle Boarding or surfing for the first time. And if that sounds too much, then simply laze by the pool with a book, or share stories and expand your horizons with the other house guests over a freshly made cocktail.

Your choice!

Maybe you'd like to test your skills as a digital nomad? After all, now is the time to work remotely, and what could be more beautiful than basing yourself in Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean?  

We all have a book in us, or so they say - this

experience may inspire you to start writing that novel! And, I will be on hand and more than happy to share my Journaling workshops that I host in the UK if you feel inspired to put pen to paper! 

Of course, there's always the option to grab a tuk-tuk and head to a cool beach or a full-on culture experience in the sophisticated fort town of Galle.

Come and stay in this beautiful colonial house, that offers glimpses of the private fishing beach and Indian Ocean flashing white and blue through the trees. Its gorgeous surroundings are breathtaking and the huge dreamy infinity pool is built out into the jungle and strikingly floodlit at night making the perfect backdrop for evening cocktails.
The house certainly doesn't disappoint either when it comes to the stunning shared indoor and outdoor spaces.

What's Included:
* Beautiful private or shared bedroom suite accommodation
* Morning stretch Yoga & Meditation  *  Juices, variety teas, coffee, water 
* All Meals with Home made organic gourmet Sri Lankan Cuisine
​ *  Market visits and Cooking Classes with In-house Chef 
* Journaling - Record, Reflect, Reset     
* Tarot - Teach yourself to tap into the Universe and seize life's opportunities
* Flight recommendations / Airport Transfer & Visa Support

Affordable Extras:     
    *  Visit and lunch at a Cinnamon Estates & Jungle Safari   
* Explore Galle with its Fort, Shops, Museums and Funky Cocktail Bars 
* Massage, Ayurveda & Yoga  *  Whale Watching *  Buddhist Temples

The house offers:

 * 5 large luxury individual or shared bedroom suites

* Stunning private en suites with outdoor rain showers

* Walk-through dressing rooms

 * Private terrace with views of the pool, the lily pond, or across the paddy fields to the jungle beyond

 * Suites hold two king-sized bed and are spacious, light, airy rooms boasting high wood-panelled ceilings 

The decor is exceptional and perfectly in keeping

with the location and surroundings.

Accommodation Options and Pricing:
Your Ten Nights stay at this luxury villa comes with all delicious meals fresh from the market and prepared by our in-house chef Iresh along with unlimited tea, coffee, juice and water.  Morning Mindful Movement Yoga is also included.
As your host I am very happy to offer workshops in Journaling and Tarot for positive life change at no extra charge. 
Shared triple room:   £839 per person all inclusive. Spacious suite with 3 single beds makes a great budget offering
Shared double room: £979 per person all inclusive. Suites furnished with two king sized beds - a luxury shared option 
Single Occupancy:  £1499 per person all inclusive.  Truly luxurious private option of a grand bedroom suite all to yourself 


100% Covid Safe Money Back Guarantee.*

Rachel Hope Soul Sisters Retreat Sri Lanka

"A really warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to read through my homestay 'Real Marigold style' retreat offering in Sri Lanka.
Over the last few years of travelling to Central America and Asia, my favourite thing is meeting other people who are searching for new experiences - people who are open to everyone and everything and ready to embrace whatever life throws at them in that very moment.
After living for 20 years in the Middle East, somehow I never made it to Sri Lanka - that's about to change though. My bags are already packed for New Year and this beautiful shared home with you and other wonderful ladies, will be the start of my trip around the island. Maybe you'd like to extend your stay and travel onward with me? Who knows what may happen.."

"We only have 5 luxury rooms available, so if you wish to share this creative, life-expanding and unique experience for fabulous ladies of 40+ all the way to 80 years young, looking for something more than the usual holiday, then this is the place for you.

And, if you're like me and find meeting new people is as much a part of the adventure as travelling, plus rather envying the younger generation their exciting hostel adventures, then this house share

is the ideal luxury mature solution you've been looking for! " 

Come and Stay.   Try new Things.   Share Stories, Laughter, Cocktails and Adventure.

Are you ready to make your best New Year's resolution yet and kick off 2022 by escaping everyday life, and the winter, and hang out in a cool home with other like-minded female mid-lifers?

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