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Do you love Retreats?
Then why not start your own?

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Hello. I’m Rachel Hope. 

Aged 58 and with No official qualifications or capital to invest - just a desire to share my experience with others and make a living doing something I loved - I started my own retreat business.

After a steep learning curve I now have a successful recipe for running popular and rewarding retreats and decided to share  my knowledge in a fun easy-to-read book with FIVE Simple Steps for you to start your own retreat  business.

In my book I take you through everything I learned - including funny stories, Tips & Tricks and how to overcome challenges.


​People need more from their Travel & Holiday breaks. They want to combine Personal and Spiritual Growth with a healthy lifestyle on Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness breaks; Self-reflection on Christian or other Religious or Meditation retreats; Learn a new Hobby, Craft or Skill or how to become a Digital nomad over 50; or experience Personal Development from an Educational Mentoring program.


ATTENTION ALL Yoga Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Crafters, Life Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Art Therapists, Healers, Creators, Workshop Leaders…


If you are someone who offers Professional or Vocational guidance with a Holistic approach, there are so many opportunities to use your expertise and create an Immersive Experience within a Group Dynamic.







No Problem if you lack Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-up experience, or Funding, because I had NO network, NO money and NO experience, and now run a successful retreat business, sharing my honest, user-friendly advice, funny stories and how to overcome obstacles in just FIVE SIMPLE STEPS. 


This book Inspires a Mindset Shift and will motivate you to step into your Authentic Self, moving easily from lack of confidence to expert Leadership Skills.


A brilliant cross between Starting a Business for Dummies, and a Practical and Motivational Start Up self-help book. Funny and truly inspirational.

How to Host a Retreat book.jpg

You will learn:

Define your Target Audience Niche; Design & Fill your Retreat; Step into Leadership Skills; nail Sales & Marketing and effective Budgeting plus:


  • Secure the perfect venue (without losing hefty deposits if you don't fill it)

  • Business Planning to Manage Resources, avoid Risk, manage online sales and how to Price for Profit whilst giving Value for Money.

  • Networking and Marketing for FREE (without an already huge social media following);

  • Select the perfect Co-host for effective collaboration and facilitation of workshops

It inspires confidence and highlights opportunities for those wishing to become self employed small business owners wanting a great work-life balance. 


Act Fast! It's time to grab your slice of this growing industry. 

Stop Job Hunting and searching for soul-less Side Hustles.

Share your skills and positive psychology and experience an incredible personal transformation in yourself and your customers.


Get Ready To:

Grow your Business Network; Step up as a leader; Deepen your Knowledge and Faith in your practice; ​​​​​​​Enrich People's Lives; Connect and Grow your Community; Boost your Bank Balance with new Income Streams.

All this plus Bonus Mind Maps, Checklists, Exercises and great online resources links too!

5* Reviews

I’d like to tell you how amazing your book is. I’m only ¼ way through but it's so inspiring. I have looked at courses online but they are all so expensive. I chose your book and it’s fab, thank you. Charlotte Bell, via Facebook, June 2024

Many people imagine doing something like this, but how many actually do it? Now's your chance. Go through this step by step guide and make your dream become a reality!  Kota, USA, Feb 2024


Very supportively written, with real life honesty. Rachel covers all aspects of running a retreat that will save anyone following in her footsteps a lot of time. A quick and useful read. Her willingness to follow her creative self will inspire.  Joanna, UK, April 2023


I learned a lot about myself. Absolutely loved 'How to Host a Retreat'. Through all the steps she is articulate and clear but goes beyond giving you motivation tips. It's hard to move forward alone. You have ideas, but don't know how to put them into action. I love that this book shows you a practical way to do that. Well written and enjoyable. Recommend!  Tecolote, USA, Feb 2024

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