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Writing from the Heart

Journaling & MidLife Memoirs


Judi Goodwin 
Workshop Facilitator,
Coach, Writer & Memoir Mentor

Midlife Womens Retreat
5 Days/Nights  

Hitcham, Suffolk, UK

Sat 4th - Thurs 9th November 2023  

"Don't Live the same year 75 times and call it a Life..." Robin Sharma


Does Mid Life cause you to question 'What's Next?'

If so, then this retreat is your invitation to a magical experience - an opportunity to discover the power of writing and sharing in a group, as you rediscover your creativity, and make soul-to-soul connections with our small group of like-minded midlife women.

After many successful Soul Sisters Community retreats that use journaling as a tool to help women embrace the opportunities that mid-life change can offer, we have added this new retreat at the request of our past guests who expressed a desire to dive deeper into their writing, as we believe that the only way women can navigate the roller coaster of midlife is to step into their authentic selves and make true and honest choices from there.

On this retreat, we'll guide you into using writing to build your confidence, reflect on the past and look ahead at what exciting changes may come next.

Writing this way expands your awareness of your situation, it offers a chance to vent your feelings safely without fear, enabling you to bring together different parts of yourself and your story.

Writing ability is NOT a prerequisite for joining this retreat.

What matters is that you come with an open mind and eagerness to listen and share with others.

"Hearing the women telling their individual stories was really inspiring. It taught me that everyone has something they need to share and having the courage to do helps you make sense of it all." 

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We will start the day with Qi Gong meditation mindful movement which relaxes our mind as it gently wakes up our body. 

We'll be using writing as a means of helping you access your authentic self so you can freely make choices about your next step forward. When it's just you and a pen, the result can be unexpectedly honest, and sometimes surprising. You are the sum of your past experience. Writing about your life can help you gain perspective, discover truths about yourself, and use your skills and strengths to recreate a new and exciting way of being.

What does the past have to teach us? And what clues does it hold for your future happiness and fulfilment?

The retreat will introduce you to journaling which could become a worthwhile practice to help you discover solutions to some of life's challenges. You may even be encouraged or inspired to write your memoirs, perhaps just for yourself, family and friends, or for the wider world

This delightful house offers small boutique hotel style luxury with sumptuous bedrooms, gorgeous bathrooms and a choice of 3 fabulous living areas to relax together chatting, snuggle up by the fire with tea and cake or a glass of wine, or find space alone to lounge in the library.

It's lovely open kitchen diner is where we'll enjoy all delicious home cooked vegetarian meals and come together to do some writing.

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luxury bathroom.jpg
bedroom 4.jpg

Each group may start as strangers but they definitely leave as friends, feeling lighter and more positive and most importantly with a new outlook and a plan for moving forward!

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