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Reviews for Soul Sisters midlife women's spiritual retreats

Help for anxiety on peaceful UK retreat
Change your midlife with oracle angel tarot cards retreat
homemade food for the soul - UK retreat
Reflexology and massage 3 day UK retreat
journal therapy forms a key part of our soulsisters womens retreat
tarot therapy on retreat helps us engage with the universe and discover new opportunities. Midlife womens 3 day retreats UK tap into your spirit animal guides
A mindful walk helps ground us. Womens 3 day retreats UK for midlife women stuck in a rut
Reflexology unblocks the chakras releasing positive energy
Stunning retreat views
Rachel Hope Tarot Reader Creative Writer

Kind words         

               from lovely ladies... 

                                                                                                         Thank you x




Mary S. said:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for this week’s retreat. My nerves vanished as soon as I walked through the door, I felt welcome and at home from the start.

Our group of ladies have all been in touch through WhatsApp and I think the majority of us

have now bought our own tarot cards!

Since returning home, I have emphasised to my husband my need for adventures that he could not, nor would want to, experience. So, there is a little more communication, and I do believe things will fall into place in due course without too much force from me…
Your retreats will appeal to so many woman of our age - I personally look forward to re-booking for your future offerings..."

Helen W. said:

"Just to thank you very much indeed for a wonderful retreat. It was really insightful and fulfilling and what a treat to be amongst such fascinating women.

 You took such good care of us, and the house is really comfortable, and a good holding spot, especially with the sea so close by for added breaks and fresh air. And the food was delicious.

The resolve to commit to make changes at home and move forward alone was definitely helped by our conversations and our tarot therapy.

So a very big thank you. I wish you well with all your projects. You are an inspiring woman and a great mix of talking and listening and facilitating.

Victoria Harrap said:

Your retreat has made such an impact on how I treat myself on a day to bay basis. I seem much more at peace with myself and don’t get myself as worked up as I was before. Daily Qi Gong in the garden helps clear and quiet my mind for the day (which I am so grateful to Jackie for starting us on the path) and I ordered myself some of the Rachel True tarot cards and have been doing a few readings a week for myself. I am amazed at how the cards always seems to resonate with how I am feeling at the time, or things that are around me right now. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I was over the moon when the collaboration you saw when reading my cards at the cottage actually came into fruition, as a company contacted me about my nail gloves and we are working on a set. 

What you said is so true, a positive mind brings in positivity. Thank you for helping me see through the fog of past troubles and begin to focus on the now so I can have a more positive and bright future.

Thank you again, honestly you’ve no idea how grateful I am for everything you have done.

Claire Thorne said:

"This was a lovely little retreat, in fact I could have stayed longer.

From the moment of arrival I was made to feel at home and nothing was too much trouble.  Rachel and Jackie were very welcoming and being such a small group, we all commented by the second day how much we felt at ease and that we had known each other much longer.


Everything is done at your pace and Rachel was always on hand for further questions or discussions whether during the session or over a cup of tea afterwards.   Also you are at ease to join in as much (or as little) as you want.

There were plenty of books and further reading material about each topic to peruse at your leisure.

The morning practice really woke up your body and made you ready to tackle the day and both the massage and reflexology from Jackie were amazing.


This retreat was real value for money and I would not hesitate to go on another retreat that they organise."

Andrea Holton said:

"Well, what a few days away. This retreat was perfect and much more than I was expecting. 


I booked my own room because I like my own space and had a lovely room with a very comfy bed. I have been on a few retreats but there was something special about this one. 


When I got there Rachel offered me a warm reception and and welcoming hug which I received gratefully. Jackie had a personality that instantly shone through just by looking at her, so kind hearted and nothing too much trouble. Both complemented each other and I instantly relaxed. One great thing was that Rachel and Jackie were there all the time  even outside the activities so we could socialise together if we wanted to. 


The others on the course were fab and I found myself not wanting lots of spare time alone but chatting, laughing and even dancing which was so uplifting. 


The combination of midlife journal writing and Tarot reading complemented each other. Every element enjoyable and presented with passion and humanity. Great honest and openness in a safe space. Rachel is a wonderful person who is not afraid to share her experiences and kindly listened to mine and others showing empathy and no judgement. No

Pressure just gentle encouragement to be yourself which was important to me and I left feeling valued with a new understanding that it is okay to be just me, I am good enough :-) 


Jackie is probably the most fantastic masseur, Chi Gong practitioner and reflexologist I have ever met. She has a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude, always has a kind and personal approach maintaining dignity and respect. I can’t really explain Jackie, just a ready smile, kindness with a fun twist I guess, you need to meet her. 


It was 3 nights which made it feel like a perfect time away, I have made new

friends that I will keep in touch with and hope to attend again later in life. 


Thank you Rachel for the providing your unique insight of running a retreat with a twist, you are perfect to present this and have the patience and acceptance to look after different characters with kindness only as a pure host can. Keep doing what you do." Many thanks Andrea Holton x

Sally P. said:

Inspiring, motivating and thought provoking. I was initially unsure about booking a retreat on my own but I need not have worried. I was greeted by such kind, friendly hosts,  I immediately felt at ease. The gentle pace of this retreat is perfect and allows you time to understand journaling, whilst de-mystifying tarot cards. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed following a lovely massage and reflexology session. I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is at a cross roads or is looking to get more from life.

P.S. My hypochondria days are behind me, I was grateful for a safe space to discuss the things that were not serving me.

Wendy Williams said:

"I had a lovely relaxing time at Rachel’s retreat. Lovely place in the country, very attentive hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed it . Price was reasonable which was important to me and I would go on a similar one again."

Kathryn T said:

"I arrived at Rachel’s retreat emotionally exhausted. There was so much painful stuff going on in my life and I didn’t quite know what to do next but knew I had to try and find some sort of direction.  I found this retreat at just the right time. It was so nurturing, healing and uplifting and exactly what I needed. Rachel is such a warm, welcoming person who has plenty of time for you. She  makes you feel at ease and is great to have a conversation with. 

Through the Journaling and Tarot I was able to explore my thoughts and feelings leading to my current situation and attempt to reflect and try to make some sense of it all, in a safe, supportive environment.  

We were a small group of like minded women which made it lovely and personal and easier to connect.  We all really enjoyed each other’s company, relaxing, sharing stories, supporting and encouraging each other.

I left the retreat feeling considerably lighter than when I had arrived and with increased confidence to continue on my new journey.

Highly recommended."

midlife women 3 day uk retreat
Womens 3 day retreat Wales. Rewrite your life journey - journaling and tarot
journaling therapy enables us to access our intuition and gain useful insights to move forward with life. Womens retreats UK
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