Affordable UK retreats for women in midlife struggling with feeling stuck in a rut, menopause & empty nest syndrome who want to life their best life.

Prepare to amaze yourself ladies - life is about to get a whole lot more fabulous!

Midlife can be the richest time in a woman's life, yet one of the most confusing.

We know what you're going through, and our retreats are designed especially for you.

We hope you'll love being here as much as we'll love having you.

If you're ready to free your mind, lift up your heart and relax your body, then we are here for you.

From the moment you arrive, you'll melt into the relaxing atmosphere, yet be uplifted by all the energy.


We'll start each day with our Qi Gong practice - a fantastic way to balance body and mind whilst setting our intentions for the day. Then follows a relaxed continental breakfast.

We try some Free Writing & Journaling - an incredibly intuitive way to help you to understand your emotions. You don't need to be a writer. So long as you can still remember how to work a pen, you'll be amazed at just how easily the words will flow, and how illuminating these exercises can be. 

We'll then enjoy a delicious lunch, followed by a look

to see what the universe has in store with the Tarot. This first-stage fun approach to the tarot is guaranteed to throw up interesting questions and trigger conversations. The cards act as a great visual way of stimulating ideas and re-igniting your intuition - something that can take a real knock if you're struggling with midlife purpose. 


Then it's Tea Time with cake. We are currently trialling a vegan Victoria sponge - so far, so yummy! After that its free time to walk, read, have your complimentary tarot or reflexology session or generally chill. 

You'll also meet your spirit animal guide - everyone's favourite! You'll be amazed how many character traits you share with them - even if you're a spider like me!

Each day builds upon the last allowing you to work towards changes for your new life.

We'll share delicious meals, walks, stories and laughter. Take time out to read from my selection of personal development & tarot books, colour in mandalas, and, if the mood takes you, have a glass of wine and a dance. Because anything goes.

This retreat is hosted by Jackie and Rachel. You can read about Rachel, the founder of Soul Sisters Community on the About page.

Jackie is not a glass half full but a 'glass overflowing' with happiness person. She shares her positive energy as she guides us through Qi Gong, soothes with reflexology and adds some love into our delicious food. 

Like many of you wonderful women, we have both found ourselves stuck at a crossroads in the past. We cannot wait to welcome you and share the inspiration and love. 

Do not hesitate to book as a solo guest and become part of our small soul sisters family.

ChiGong energy practice is included in all Soul Sisters UK Retreats

Qi Gong

The literal translation of Qi Gong is 'energy work' and as we are made of energy it makes sense to  let the universal flow of energy move through us to stop negative emotions such as anger and frustration getting stuck inside us.

Try writing a journal and engage your inner thoughts on retreat

Journaling & Free Writing

Think back to your teenage years when hormones had taken over and you scribbled furiously in your diary, pouring uncensored thoughts onto the page. Free writing works in the same way, and is an incredibly powerful tool which taps into your subconscious and unconscious mind.  Journaling is more structured but no less restrictive or creative, and offers up incredible insights.

Tarot reading with Rachel Hope online or included on retreats UK


I learned from an incredible teacher who demystified the 'woo hoo' side of tarot. They are not a crystal ball and your future is not set in stone. The cards tell the story of humanity, giving you insight into yourself, help you clarify the 'now' and make better choices for the future.

Soul Sisters retreats include a relaxing and reenergising reflexology session


Practised for thousands of years as a natural way to cure many ailments, your complimentary treatment with our expert Jackie  will also help align your 'Qi' - your " life force energy". The flow of this vital force must remain  unimpeded for our best health

Soul Sisters community for midlife women searching for purpose and intuition

Retreat Program

From your warm welcome with tea, cake and open arms at 2pm on Day 1, to the sad farewell after breakfast on the morning of Day 4, we offer a daily menu of exercises for body, mind  and soul, not to mention delicious vegetarian meals...

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