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Rachel Hope talking about Qi Gong, meditation, coaching and tarot therapy breakthrough retreats

"Since the launch of Soul Sisters Retreats I have hosted multiple midlife women's residential retreats using Qi Gong, meditation, a variety of coaching models, guided discussions and journaling therapy - yet it never ceases to amaze me that when the tarot cards come out on the final day, the biggest breakthroughs are made. The effect the cards have is so consistently powerful - with one client saying:

"I learned more about myself in that one hour than I have in one year of talk therapy alone."

I knew then that this intuitive tool of tarot  needed to be made more readily available for coaches to incorporate into their practice.

This led me to seeking out and working with the highly experienced master coach, Shirley Attenborough, to develop a practical and powerful toolkit, and TaroCoach is the proud result of that collaboration."

Rachel Hope

TaroCoach is a collaboration between Rachel Hope, Tarot Therapist & Founder of Soul Sisters Retreats, and Shirley Attenborough, Master Coach & Fellow of The Association for Coaching.

Shirley Attenborough Executive Coach Master Coach Fellow of the Association of Coaching

Hello and welcome. I'm Rachel Hope, a Tarot Therapist.
I use the archetypal tarot imagery of the cards as an intuitive tool to show people how to connect with their intuition and make positive life changes.


Something happened to me when I turned fifty...

After 20 amazing years living a wonderful family life, raising my two children, running a home and managing an exciting corporate career in marketing, I started to feel different.

Why was I suddenly so dissatisfied? How selfish to no longer feel grateful for my perfect life.

Midlife is a time of shifting sands - our values, our passions and our purpose.

We need less things, but crave more experiences - real experiences - or at least I did.

I had always thought it rather cliche that midlife women wanted to go off travelling alone to volunteer abroad, or take up unusual new hobbies, until it happened to me.

Most importantly I realised that whatever I did next, I wanted to do it alone.

So I left my old life - my husband, my home, my career - for my exciting new life.

I threw away the road map, switched off the autopilot and shifted my life into manual, heading off in a totally new and unknown direction. Free to go wherever I chose, to do whatever I chose. But sadly, rather than exciting, it was overwhelming. Too many options can be paralysing - that's the sad paradox of choice.

My intuition had deserted me. I made some terrible choices.  It was a disaster and I ended up homeless, jobless and broke. At the same time the menopause hit me like a train and I found myself living in my sisters spare bedroom in a state of depression. What a failure.

But, as Henry Ford says "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently", and that's exactly what I did.

My determination and overwhelming need to start a new journey in my life, led me to examine tarot therapy, which shows us that we all have many life journeys within our mortal one, and we should treat each new beginning as a rebirth. To be curious about everything around us.

If I was going to start again I must view life with fresh eyes, letting go of any preconceived ideas - become spontaneous, hopeful, brave and trusting of myself.

Despite being nervous I headed off alone to Mexico for 6 weeks, and there I met an elderly American writer who told me:

"Whatever you're feeling, just write it down Rachel, just write it down."   And I would go so far as to say that her advice saved me because that's when I discovered journaling and the power of the pen. 

The lessons I learned by engaging with tarot cards and storytelling with creative journaling helped me rediscover my intuition and find new purpose and this is what I share on my Soul Sisters Midlife Womens Retreats.

Both of these activities draw out insights with such clarity - it's so therapeutic. They shine a light on all that's out there in your universe waiting to be discovered. 

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