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Quote by Einstein Intuitive mind is a sacred gift. Taro Coach helps you access your intuition
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"Since launching Soul Sisters Community, I have hosted multiple midlife women's residential retreats using Qi Gong, meditation, a variety of coaching models, guided discussions and journaling therapy - yet it never ceases to amaze me that when the tarot cards come out on the final day, the biggest breakthroughs are made. 

The effect the cards have is so consistently powerful - with one client saying:

"I learned more about herself in that one hour than she had in one year of talk therapy alone."
I knew then that this intuitive tool of tarot  needed to be made more readily available for coaches to incorporate into their practice.
This led me to seeking out and working with the highly experienced master coach, Shirley Attenborough, to develop a practical and powerful toolkit, and TaroCoach is the proud result of that collaboration."

Rachel Hope

TaroCoach is a collaboration between Rachel Hope, Tarot Therapist & Founder of Soul Sisters Retreats, and Shirley Attenborough, Master Coach & Fellow of The Association for Coaching.

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An Intuitive tool
for Coaches

Welcome Coaches,

The Coaching Industry has exploded over the last few years, with the key areas of coaching niching down whilst broadening at the same  time.

You may be a Corporate  or Executive Coach, a Life Coach, an Organisational/Occupational Coach, a Well being Coach, an Empowerment Coach, a Divorce Coach, a Cognitive Coach, a Goal Oriented Coach, a Spiritual Coach, a Relationship Coach, a Personal Development Coach.

Wherever your focus lies, you are still dealing with a human being, a person, who can get stuck in their head, and helping someone to change their mindset isn't always easy.

Self awareness plays such a critical role in coaching, it can be frustrating when current methods don't always serve you well, thereby delaying the progress you make, as your clients struggle to get away from purely logical thinking and tap into their intuition...


... So that's why we created TaroCoach, a unique and intuitive ready-made tool that enables you, the coach, to collaborate more deeply with your clients, supporting you both in uncovering previously unreachable knowledge & feelings about their situation.


What is TaroCoach?
Coaching & Tarot Mapping Method that offers an insightful, new, and easy-to-use blend of the two approaches.

A selection of archetypes and elements of the tarot are mapped onto proven coaching models, to create a coaching toolkit which alleviates the need for coaches to 'learn' the tarot deck and opens a communication channel between our conscious and sub-conscious feelings and beliefs.

Award-winning bi-monthly magazine edited by coach and journalist Liz Hall featuring TaroCoach Tried and Tested article January 2024


Why Tarot?

This ancient card game is enjoying a resurgence due to the more modern understanding and use of it as an intuitive tool, and NOT a psychic, all predicting, all-knowing one that takes away our free will, acting as a powerful tool for observation rather than a magical solution.

The power behind the centuries old tradition of tarot relies heavily on the intriguing imagery and symbolism.

When a card is drawn its symbols and archetypes become catalysts, prompting clients to explore various facets of their professional and personal lives.

"It seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation." Carl Jung, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

How does tarot work in coaching?

Use of Tarot as a tool for coaching is less about learning the traditional meanings of cards and specific spreads and more about paying attention to what thoughts, feelings and questions arise when viewing the imagery of the card.

Engaging with the Tarot as a therapeutic tool opens up a dialogue between our conscious and subconscious feelings and beliefs, enabling the coach to collaborate and support their client more deeply bringing about deeper introspection and inner wisdom. It empowers us to create our own narratives; to embrace our potential and open new doors.

As a coach you recognise that intuition is already present and we have the answers inside ourselves. Use of the Tarot will enable you to support your clients in developing their intuition and learn that they too can access guidance from within, not just externally.

How does a coach use tarot cards in coaching?

You will use Tarot by ‘mapping’ it onto some of the many well-known coaching frameworks & models, enabling you to maintain the structure and familiarity whilst adding an illuminating & fun element.


The blend of the two approaches of coaching and tarot change the dynamics of a session by:


  • Changing the modality of communication by adding imagery to verbal discourse;

  • Collaboration between the coach, client and cards, adds a third dimension to the session, allowing the card(s) to be the focus, enabling the client to go deeper and get out of their head;

  • Focusing on the card enables the client to separate themselves from the problem as opposed to seeing themselves as the problem, giving them fresh perspectives and more easily express an inner experience in an objective way.

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