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Writing from the Heart Journaling and Memoir Retreat Program


Day One: Saturday 4th November - Guests can arrive as from 3 pm and will be welcomed with tea and homemade cake. There will be time to settle into your room, discover the gorgeous house and gardens and relax before we serve welcome drinks at 6 pm.

After introductions, your hosts Rachel and Judi will give an overview of the course and the days ahead, followed by supper.

Day Two to Five:

Every morning at 8.30 am we offer a 30-minute mindful movement session based around Qi Gong. This allows a gentle wake-up stretch for our bodies and a calm meditative state for our minds. It doesn't require any fitness level and most guests love to attend in their pyjamas!

Workshops - These include writing exercises, games, and discussions.
Each full day during the week the workshops will run from:

  • 10.45 am - 12.30 pm in the morning

  • 2.30 pm - 6 pm in the afternoons

Meals: 3 Meals on most days PLUS cake at teatime:

9.00 to 9.45 am - A delicious continental breakfast is served every morning

1.00 pm Lunch - Please Note: 2 days we do not serve lunch, leaving it free for guests to have the option to visit a pretty local village for a cafe or pub lunch

7 pm - Dinner served every evening

Day Six: Thurs 9th November
Guests departure after Breakfast at 10.30 am

Our time together is split into three phases.

PHASE ONE will focus on personal writing, and, as you put pen to paper using new techniques, you will find your words have wings. You'll write more powerfully, fluently, and creatively than ever before. And you'll be writing from the heart, from the real authentic you, the down-to-earth, no-nonsense, honest place that's deep in the core of your soul.

PHASE TWO will be a mix of Memoirs and Writing for Well-being. Long-forgotten memories will come flooding back into your consciousness and you'll find yourself writing powerful stories using our transformational techniques.

Small group discussions will give meaning to past life events as we explore how sharing stories can be a healing and nurturing experience.

With this new understanding and compassion for yourself and others, you'll be in a good place to look to the future in the third and final phase of the course.

PHASE THREE will offer a chance to review and reflect on previous patterns and new possibilities.

  • What makes you happy?

  • How far have you come?

  • What are your dreams?

​Your life story is unique to you. No one else has had quite the same experiences, so only you know what's right for you now. It might be a carefully constructed plan, or a more gradual evolution guided by instinct and spur-of-the-moment decisions.

But, however you get there, you will go forward bravely and boldly, with hope, courage, enthusiasm, and style. Either smooth sailing or a wonderful adventure - the choice is yours!

Get ready to become the warrior woman you truly are!

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