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Get Rockin' with your own Retreat!

Updated: 1 day ago

I’m willing to bet that running your own retreat is something that’s crossed your mind more than once.  So what’s stopping you? It could be a multitude of things :-

Life in general getting in the way? Lack of skills and know-how? Lack of funding to get started? And a million more things maybe. 

Well, not to worry, that’s the very reason I put this handy book together, because when I started my retreat business, Soul Sisters Community, a few years ago, I so wished that something like this existed. 

There’s tons of great information online (and I cite some great resources for you that I have drawn upon, so be sure to look for them at the end of the book), but not all in one-easy-to-access-place, and not much for someone starting out so small, with no capital to invest. There certainly wasn’t anything that shared personal stories of their experience first hand either - and let me tell you, there were some tricky times!

So, if you love what you do and are ready to:

This book has been created to inspire, guide and support everyone

with a passion, interest or personal experience of something they’d

like to share with the world in the form of a small retreat.

It goes without saying that Retreats are a seamless fit for Therapists,

Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers, Solopreneurs, Trainers, Wellness Professionals

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